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Well you install it on your lost phone remotely from your computer. After that, it sends you a Google map of your phones pin-point location. Plan B is a revolutionary app for finding your lost Android cell phone or even tablet with GPS enabled. And it does that in only a few minutes after you activated it remotely. The only disadvantage the app has is in the scenario that the cell phone is in the wrong hands, and the thief is trying to uninstall the app as you are trying to install it remotely.

Plan B app on Google Play. This definitely facilitates the process of getting your friends and family to acquire the service free for them , whether they have an Android, iPhone, Blackberry or regular phone. If perhaps your family members have an Android phone, once again no app is necessary. What I love about Lociloci is that it is a no-frill cell phone tracking service with a sleek and easy to use design. Also, it is not cluttered with unnecessary features or added with extra layers on the map confusing the user who, in fact, just wants to see the location of those who they are tracking.

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Please note Google Latitude was retired on August 9th, You can no longer see Latitude for iPhone or Android. However, if you are looking for convenience and ease of use across all platforms, look elsewhere. Google Latitude is a fantastic cell phone tracking app that is free as well. It is in particular very good if you want to track Android phones. In addition to that, it is highly recommended to install additional apps for Google Latitude to minimize battery drain and have a better performing Latitude.

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Not many people may know, but Life offers a quite comprehensive family tracking solution using two technologies: GSM cell phone tracking no app required and GPS cell phone tracking using the GPS-chip inside the smartphone. It is available on Google Play and works well on Android. It has also worked on a technology to limit the battery drain when the GPS is running in the background to send location data. Also, once upon a time it had been placed first in the Google Android Developer Challenge for mobile phone apps.

Life claim they have over 20 million registered users. It is easy and convenient to install and in use. PhoneSheriff is a key tool of the new generation of mobile phone spying software. This great tool can help you with parental control features as well. With PhoneSheriff you will easily monitor, track and collect numerous important files and other data.

This small app simply needs to be installed on the target phone. Moreover, after installation of the application, you will be able to put needed restrictions on particular phone numbers, web sites or some other content.

The software will assist you in recording of user activities, including call info, GPS location, SMS messages and multimedia. All this features will be available online via a protected control panel. However, this tracking application is far from being the top one. It offers some advanced features but the quality of service does not correspond to the rate they charge. In fact, it supports only some phone models not the newest ones.

So, before installing this app, make sure that it will run on a targeted mobile device. TheOneSpy is a phone-monitoring app developed by an Australian-based company. It offers different subscription plans from one month to one year that is convenient for people just trying to test the water and understand whether this mobile software is what they need. The app offers quite a standard set of features for an average price. SpyPhoneTap provides a different monitoring tools and sets different prices for different mobile phones.

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In fact, it is very confusing, especially if you are monitoring several phones with various OS. No access needed! Fast and powerful. The darn thing gets the info you need! I will review a monitoring program called Highster mobile. With this experience, I have become a best spy apps expert.

Read on to learn more about cell phone spy apps! Forget any company that does not offer phone support via a free number. This way, if you run into any problems, you can reach out.

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Another thing you should know about cell phone spy apps is that unlike regular apps that you download from Google Play or the App Store, these mobile spy apps operate differently. They require more user interaction, along with some overall knowledge of apps and cell phones. I myself experienced some frustration when I was first learning how to use this type of software. Quick recap: I have first-hand knowledge about mobile spy apps.

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Some are great, super-efficient and really deliver the goods, while some others promise much, but deliver next to nothing. These are essentially crap and a waste of your money! Never fear! Here are the best spy software programs, along with an explanation of their best features. They should only be used legally. Recommended — No access needed. No possession needed.

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Works on all Androids and iPhones. Their OTA over-the-air link makes it super easy to download the app to your phone and remotely connect to their servers. You can be looking at texts, seeing GPS and listening to calls in a matter of minutes! To those researching the best spy apps, I highly recommend Auto Forward Spy to beginners as well. It is so easy to use and perfectly suited for any average person looking to do some surveillance.

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On the market for over 8 years, Auto Forward Spy has satisfied hundreds of thousands of customers. Best of all, this solution features everything any customer would want in a cell phone monitoring program. Auto Forward Spy supports a wide range of currently available smartphones. This means you can you use it on the latest operating systems, and Android, iPhone, and iPad versions. Auto Forward Spy is another software that does not require users to have possession of the targeted cell phone to view and acquire its information. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to download and install this product!

Highster Mobile is a superior mobile spy app. Available since , it has one of the best reputations of any cell phone spy app currently on the market. Highster Mobile uses an OTA over-the-air method to download the app to the phone. This process allows the user to monitor the target phone remotely. Obviously, this is a big plus to anyone where the monitored mobile phone is being guarded and protected. Once downloaded, the data available from the target phone will upload directly to your spy account.

This information is conveniently accessible on your own cell phone, tablet or computer. Side Note: This technology can be easily misused. I urge you to use Highster Mobile responsibly. When in need of spying on any phone, whether it be Android or iPhone, PhoneSpector is an excellent choice.

PhoneSpector LLC is the US based company that develops and markets the PhoneSpector spy app, boasts over five hundred thousand people currently using their cell phone tracking and spy software. They say that within the next two years usage of their app will exceed one million active users. Very impressive! After we tested the app, it easy to see why they are so confident. All you have to do is install the app to your phone, then activate it using the license key that is given to you when you purchase.

The entire process took us lees than forty-five seconds to complete easily making it the simplest process of any other spy app we tested. PhoneSpector is solid choice for anyone who needs to spy on a cell phone. It has many great features and excellent customer support.

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Read more…. This top cell phone tracker app is both inexpensive and user-friendly! It only takes an instant to download and install SurePoint, so you can begin monitoring a targeted device in no time. As with all the best spy apps, this product lets you monitor texts and emails, check web browsing history, view photos and videos, and more— without detection.