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A Waterstones spokeswoman said sales have been "remarkable" since the books' were re-launched in December. Love puzzles? Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles.

Spy Books for Kids

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    Kids spy fiction with their little eyes

    Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Wednesday 24 July I-Spy children's books make a comeback The 'I-Spy' books are set to return to shop shelves more than half a century after they first became a family hit.

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    Related Articles. The I-Spy books were created by Charles Warrell in Book news.

    The appeal of children's spy fiction | Imogen Russell Williams | Books | The Guardian

    These books fulfil the same wistful desire — "Make me special" — that magical fantasy does. James, the chief protagonist, orphaned in the first book, is plucked from a wretched situation and plopped into the Cherub training facility, where, to quote the website, he transforms "from a couch potato into a skilled Cherub agent". Horowitz's Alex Rider is also orphaned, losing his guardian in the first pages of Stormbreaker, and is similarly transplanted to SAS special training, where his formidable skills are further refined. In lieu of magical powers, young spies get gadgets that work as if by magic — corrosive spot cream, exploding coins, lock-picks — and get a new context in which to operate, in which they are valued as highly skilled agents rather than powerless children.

    Parallels with Potter are not hard to draw.

    Young spy fic, like fantasy, also tends to pack a strong moral message. Alex Rider doesn't want to be a super-spy — he wants normality, peace, homework and not to have to crack any heads or save the world.

    The Best I Spy Books

    The pattering cynicism of adult thrillers is absent from Alex's careful evaluations of what he does and why he does it, giving Horowitz's series additional depth and rounding out his character; he's also devoted to his girlfriend, the splendidly named Sabina Pleasure. Muchamore focuses on ethics, too: in the first book, at least, the rights, wrongs and grey areas of violent environmental campaigners versus big-bucks business are explored quite thoroughly before young James goes in to save the day, getting covered in anthrax in the process.

    This ethical exploration prevents the best young spy fiction from just being about cool gear and breaking the rules. It forces the reader to ask "What would I do? Of course, if you want the gadgets and the goodies, but prefer the "mwahaha" to the good sport's guffaw, you can always dip into the Hive series and attend the Higher Institute of Villainous Education, where they'll train you as a super-villain, or possibly a henchman.

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