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This is really bad journalism. On a technical level, someone would have uncovered the 'call to home' from the device, even if it was encrypted. This would be a dumb move and I just cannot see that they would be that careless. The Chinese government doesn't want to know that you're asking your husband to put the oven on.. Now, when it comes to systematic survellance of high-value targets, we're talking spying and in that realm, I'd advise you to look closer to home.

What is Spyware?

The Intelligence Community does not release any information to the public without an ulterior motive. That's it. No other reason. No hard facts. Not a single shred of evidence that CIA and others claims are true. Very uninformative article. These companies feed information directly to the american government.

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That is terrifying. That is exactly why they don't want anyone to have these phones. Our government snoops have no back door in to monitor you.

So Huawei IS spying!

And lets say the Chinese did monitor you, what could the possibly gain? As mentioned in the article, a foreign government gaining access to your company's proprietary information you may share with colleagues or customers can have disastrous impact on not only your company, but also on how competitive your country can be in that industry. Historically, Chinese companies have been found to reverse engineee innovations of foreign companies and then turn around and offer competitive products in the same marketplace.

If you use a Huawei phone and accidentally share proprietary information with a foreign government using that phone, you've just contributed not only to the eventual demise of your company's competitiveness, but also reduced your own country's ability to compete in the global marketplace. The sky is falling I've been hearing this for years and take the information like a grain of salt.

I been using the Huawei mate 9 for years and have absolutely encountered no issues at all. Hi Paul. I don't follow what you're saying. Who said it's OK for US intelligence agencies to infringe our privacy? That's an entirely different matter.

Is this article a paid propaganda? Unlike iphone etc ,huawei is not controlled by the North American government and are a security threat. Obviously they don't comply. Here's the thing I'd rather use the Chinese phone The US government has a much higher chance of using information against me. The truth is that Huawei is on the way to become serious threat to iphone and Samsung.

Huawei spyware - are you affected? : Huawei

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Dreadful fear-mongering dribble. They used the same tactics against Kaspersky, the anti-virus company, without providing proof. They were certainly quiet about Kaspersky until after an election lost and Russia was accused of doing what the US has been doing for decades. I am sick and tired of the BS, the leaks, the innuendos, the cesspool of criminal activity by those sworn to uphold the values of this country. You should be too. John, you could be right in a way. I mean I've read a lot of old FOIA documents that show the FBI was a bit fear-mongering back in the 70s and 80s regarding the communist "subversive threat" in the United States during that time.

They even investigated the likes of Lucille Ball and John Steinbeck for being potential communists! On the other hand, it did turn out that there really were a handful of communist spies running around pretending to be law-abiding American citizens Propaganda, fear mongering, and yes, fake news too are almost always built on "some kind of existing evidence" - and spinned from there. That's the sinister bit that trips up most people. Food for thought. In a report, the Rand Corp.

However, owing to the global recession in the wake of the Lehman shock, Nortel went bankrupt. It was not that the U. Under the administration of President George W. Bush, the National Security Agency, which possesses a cybersecurity force, implemented a secret operation known as Shotgiant. It remains unclear as to whether they found evidence that Huawei was using spyware in its products.

Huawei ban: Full timeline on how and why its phones are under fire

What is certain is that intelligence agencies around the world are deeply involved in the conflict concerning Huawei. This includes China. Among the Five Eyes members, Britain has yet to exclude Huawei. He has warned that if Huawei participates in building a 5G network, it would place the British intelligence network at risk as military-related communications could be intercepted. Over , people receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email.

No thanks. Latest in Telecommunications. Signify uses office lights for Mbps wireless data transfer. Huawei, the US ban, and links to Chinese spying explained.

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Poetic justice? Account hijacking forum is itself hacked, exposing details of thousands of users. Pocket-sized VLF antenna keeps comms open where conventional radios fail.

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