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One of the key features of the BrainRT software is the possibility for live monitoring: all EEG acquisitions can be opened on any BrainRT review station for a live connection to the running signals and video images. More than one BrainRT review station can monitor a running measurement at the same time, with complete independence in display settings and review of previous parts of the acquisition. And all this without influencing the signal running on the acquisition station!

Live monitoring is essential when performing long term monitoring.

A comprehensive multi-system monitoring tool to record employee’s activities.

It enables the physician to keep an eye on his patients from his office review station, without compromising the live surveillance of the local Intensive Care or other critical care unit where the EEG monitoring takes place. Thanks to the BrainRT unique monitoring software, temporary network connection dips are no problem for the live monitoring function. For network connection dips of up to 2 minutes, all data are buffered on the acquisition station for subsequent transferral after restore of the network connection.

When the connectivity problem takes more than 2 minutes, data recorded during this period is stored locally and once the connection is restored, the data transmission continues with live data. Apart from live viewing and reviewing of running measurements, the monitoring station can perform the following actions on the running measurement: add notes and events, control IP cameras, perform photo-stimulation and impedance checks. The BrainRT software includes alarms for vital signals and other related events. These alarms can be programmed to produce sound or a flashing of the acquisition screen.

Constant recording without external supervision Get the recording of previous days Download recorded videos for offline viewing. Monitor Computers in Different Regions With this Desktop Monitoring tool, you can monitor employee desktop activities in different geographical locations. Dual-screen Monitoring The Kernel monitoring tool facilitates dual-screen monitoring. Records each monitor on which employee is working Separate recordings for each monitor. First, you can search for the video by a date range, and then select and download the required video s from the list displayed by the software Search and find videos of any previous date Play the video before downloading Download videos to any desired location.

Warn, Shutdown, or Restart in Emergency Though the tool does not allow to make changes to the data on employee desktops, you can turn off, restart, or shut-down the computer. Remotely shutdown, restart, or turn off a computer Send a warning message directly to the employee. Delegate Viewing Rights The Viewer console of the tool is a standalone application that can be installed on any system.

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Assign viewing rights to other users to monitor specific computers Delegating viewing task to multiple users. Option for Pop up Message The Employee Desktop Monitoring tool has the option to display popup messages on all the computers under surveillance. Send a periodic notification messages to employee computers Use the default message or create a custom message of your own. Different Ways to Add Computers for Monitoring Adding computers for monitoring is quite easy with this tool.

Benefit from real-time employee monitoring For better decision making and employee performance enhancement, use our tool, and take control of your business to get instant results. Boosts Productivity Keeping an eye on employee desktop activities on working hours and identifying careless, idle workers from the lot would prevent wastage of working hours for sure.

Ensures Security The complete knowledge of how resources and data are being used, which you get through the monitoring software, ensures data security eliminates the risks of data compromises. Increases Responsibility Employees, when they are aware of being monitored regularly, could develop a sense of responsibility and discipline, which in turn improves their productivity and overall business profits. Early Risk Detection While keeping an eye on the crucial tasks, the management can suggest some corrections or advise employees in time to avoid errors and achieve more accuracy.

Signs of a perfect employee monitoring Software. Customizing provision in the software can set recording location, notification settings, video picture quality, etc. Authority to access in an emergency options to warn employee and to shutdown or restart the system in emergencies Monitoring without interruptions start as soon as the system starts or restarts Works everywhere works on systems located in different geographical locations.

Limitless monitoring can monitor any number of systems. How Does it Work? Learn how you can use the tool to monitor your employees. Software Specifications Get information about the hardware and software requirements for the installation. System Requirement.

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  6. Date First Available View History. Our Highlights. Satisfied Customers. Data Security. Enhanced Productivity. User Reviews. An epitome of ideal employee monitoring tool! It includes more than an organization needs.

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    Support to any geographical location, advanced settings, live recording, preview, etc. Feeling thankful that I got to know about this software at the point of time I needed it badly. Every feature and facility is delightful when comes to organization data security.

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    I want to explore this tool more and employ it asap. It helped me to find some malicious attempts on the computer immediately. Thus, we could avoid some unwanted situations. Please enter at least one item. Please enter the link of the website. Please enter the email address. Please enter the link of the image.

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    JavaScript must be enabled for certain features to work. Frequently Asked Questions Get answers to some important questions related to our tool. What steps do you need to follow to start monitoring of your employee's desktop activities? It will enable the Install Agent icon. After choosing the computer, click the Install button. The software will provide the option to restart the computer after installation. You can also choose to restart the computer later.

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    Input the user credential of the computer and click Login. Group Policy Installation In Group Policy Installation, you create an agent setup application and install it by creating a Group Policy Manual Installation Manual installation is the direct method to install the agent on employee computers. You create the setup by inputting the IP address of the employee and later install it yourself. Is there any chance that user gets to know about being monitored?

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    What if I am not available to monitor live activities of my users? You need not be available to monitor live activities of employees. The software records all the activities and you can watch the videos AVI format later as per your convenience. Do I get Technical Support for the product? Yes, Support and Maintenance are free for lifetime.

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    What are the limitations of the Free trial version? The Free trial version of the tool allows you to monitor computers for a period of 7 days.

    You can use the trial to test all the features and functionality before purchasing the application. Does the software allow monitoring of several computers at the same time? Does Employee Computer Monitoring software work in a single area network? Does Employee Desktop Live Viewer software allow dual-screen monitoring of a single computer?