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Instead of a typically monthly fee for tracking, this unit uses 3G data from its included unlimited 5-year subscription. It has a built-in car code scanner to help decode check engine lights and automatically alerts emergency services in the event of a crash. Get a satellite aerial image of your car in its current location with this tracker.

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Other features include a panic button, fast alerts, and travel reports. If you are running a business and you need to track the mileage of your drivers, let the Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker do the work for you. Normally, you would depend on the driver to create mileage logs for you. But to ensure there is no human error, this tracker can keep a more accurate account of the miles driven.

This will make it easier to claim tax deductions on vehicle usage and more. It provides you with information on what your car has done and when it has done it. Priding itself as a real-time teen driving coach, it monitors safe driving habits and actually provides report cards to help newer drivers to learn how to drive better. The Optimus 2. Whenever the tracker generates new data, you can use your mobile app to view and manage this information.

This is great for historical information reference for your vehicle. The included twin-magnet case works very well for concealment. If you want to discretely place a tracker in your vehicle, the Spy Tec is a great hidden car GPS tracker.

Reviews of the Best Real-Time GPS Trackers

This means you can hide the tracking device anywhere in the car. It can detect when your teenager or another driver is going faster than the posted limit in your area and will let you know with an alert.

It even notifies you of potential vehicle health problems. No one has been able to help me track my stolen Toyota Rav 4. Can anyone help me??? So sorry this happened. Updating every 60 seconds, the tracker works in conjunction with Google Maps. You can set up alerts via text message or email for unexpected motion, speeding, or leaving a geofenced area you define.

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Optimus also has an app for Android and iOS that provides all these functions in one place. As an extra security bonus, an SOS button on the unit will alert chosen users of the its position and time of activation. However, the SpyTec model has a few distinct features that set it aside. Anti-theft trackers are much like hidden home security cameras : they need to remain undetected to work to their full potential. SpyTec also provides a weatherproof magnetic case for hiding in the vehicle undercarriage.

What is the best tracking device for people?

Motion sensor-based power saving provides battery life of up to two weeks. For many years there were no native apps for this tracker, though a SpyTec iOS app is now available. While providing all the same functionality as the others, it attaches to the OBD port in your car and can give basic car diagnostics and smart home integration.

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The real draw with Automatic comes not only from the lack of subscription fee, but the modern approach the company brings. For a modern approach to the GPS tracker designed with automated lives in mind, Automatic Pro is worth a look. Second, it allows parents to keep tabs on where their child is driving and how fast. Available as an OBD attachment or a hardwired box, it can also track basic car maintenance and alert when something may need a review or replacement.

Along with providing updates every minute when the engine is on hourly when off , the MOTOsafety tracker offers a variety of useful information for parents. You can also use geofencing to alert when the vehicle enters or leaves specific areas, and the route replay function shows detailed analysis of trips.

Perhaps most crucially for parents is the option to set up alerts for telltale signs of dangerous driving. These include speeding, excessive braking, and rapid acceleration. While many GPS trackers have security in mind, those who travel a lot for work require something more specific.

Accurate mileage records are essential for companies and employees alike, and the Mileage Ace Pro is still among the most trusted on the market. This unit receives power via a provided USB adapter. With onboard buttons for designating when business trips start and end, it allows hands-on control for accurate readings. For a well-respected distance tracker known for reliability, this is your best option. Designed as a scaling solution for businesses of different sizes, the Geotab GO8 provides fleet security in several ways. This provides further information ranging from car health to driver habits.

Geotab does not list pricing on itswebsite, opting instead for individual quotes by appointment.

For a well-trusted modern solution for fleet management, Geotab does it right. The majority of the tracking market lies in the US, but the UK has several similar systems in place. This gives the user a variety of options for payment plans.